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Custom bookbinding and packaging by Sharp Design


Beautiful books, designed by Sharp Design and you, for you to give life to, through the addition of your images, words and memorabilia, are heirlooms you can give your family for generations to come.

Your days will abound with precious moments; events and scenes you will want to remember and savor all your life: the perfect couple's wedding, the birth of a new baby, the adoption of a forever child, your grandchildren's idylls, and special holidays, celebrations, vacations, and stages of a life well lived, which we all want to share with future generations.

If you desire something more personal to house your memories than the mass produced alternatives, Sharp Design has an exclusive selection of originally designed albums, books and boxes, custom made to your specifications. Indulge your own creativity, and co-ordinate the album or box to the mood of the items inside or to accentuate your home's décor, for a piece you will be proud to display openly as a luxurious, one of a kind work of art that you helped design.

© 2009 Maureen Sharp
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